PRESIDENT     Adam Daniels, HO, Sunquest Properties

Adam has been managing property for 8 years.  Currently he serves as the Realpage Specialist for Sunquest Properties, assisting with new hires and training.  Adam has been a member of the board 2013 – 2015 and has served as the NLAA President from 2019 to present.


VICE PRESIDENT    Todd Wroten, Dixie Floors, Inc.

Todd Wroten is the owner of Dixie Floors, a family owned business for 30 years.  He began with Dixie Floors working closely with his uncle building customer relationships that would                      last a lifetime.  Both being part of the apartment association for many years until his uncles passing.  Todd has served on the board and held the Vice President seat for several years, giving his time to help with the multi housing industry in any way needed through service and donations.


SECRETARY        Kelli Hall – Signature Place, Standard Enterprise

Kelli has been part of the Standard Enterprise team serving as Property Manager of Signature Place Apartments for 4 1/2 years.   She has served on the board for 3 years, currently  holding the seat as Secretary.  Her project management skills and her focus in delivering has made her a valuable addition to the apartment association.  In Kelli’s spare time she loves photography, spending time with her family and the occasional beach trip.


Board Members:

Peggy Sullivan

Peggy Sullivan – Peggy Sullivan State Farm Ins.

Louisville Avenue State Farm Agent Peggy Sullivan.  Peggy has been a State Farm Agent for 8 years in the Monroe community.  The Apartment Association has been a very important part of her business.  The first thing on her agenda when she became an agent was to join the association.  Peggy loves the interaction with the apartment managers as well as the tenants.  The passion for helping the association grew to a bigger role when she was asked to join the board 6 years ago.  She plans to continue her growth in her agency by continuing her support to the Apartment Association.


Terri Ward, The Shutters of Sterling Fields

Teri has been managing property for many years.  Teri has has served on the NLAA board for many years, first in an elected seat as Secretary and currently in a board member position.  She is dedicated to her service with the association, giving of her time, ideas for events and growth.


Kaylinda Cook – Progressive Bank


susan schofield

EXECUTIVE/TREASURER     Susan Schofield, Creel Properties, LLC

 Susan has managed Creel Properties for 25 years. She held a board member seat before accepting the President position of the NLAA in which she served from 2016-2018.  The position ended when she was asked to serve as the Account Executive for the apartment association in 2019.  It is her goal to continuously work hard to bring more education, bigger events and new membership growth to the apartment association.

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