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April Meeting 

Artie Beebe – Capt. Ouachita Parish Fire Dept.

Pool Safety – Importance of knowing CPR

Our April meeting was to inform our members on the importance of CPR for pool safety with the summer months approaching us.  This is the second time year, Capt. Art Beebe has agreed to speak with our members about the proper way to give CPR to save a life.  As always he is informative and his instruction is valued.  Capt. Beebe teaches classes on CPR to individuals or groups for a 2 year certification. The cost is $35.  The NLAA will schedule a class with Capt. Beebe within the next month.   If you are interested in signing up for this class, please contact Susan Schofield @


March Meeting 

Ken Fletcher – The Fletcher Financial Group

If you missed this meeting, you missed Ken Fletcher at his best.  Ken educated our members on preserving  our family assets after entertaining us with a song as a bonus to his electric personality.  He introduced LEGACY, an insurance plan for pre planning and crisis planning.  Legacy was started in 2004 after a significant number of patriots from our”greatest generation” came looking to Ken for hope – to preserve family assets from devastating health care costs.  It was a great informative meeting.  If you missed the meeting and would like more information, please contact us.


February Meeting – Educational Seminar

Leadership vs Management with Katie Rigsby
The seminar was amazing and informative but don’t worry!  If you missed it, Katie is coming back for another great seminar in September so mark your calendars now.
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D  irection
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January Members Meeting

Dusty Harris – Fire Prevention Chief – Ouachita Parish Fire Department
Dusty gave everyone information on the importance of smoke detectors, making escape plans in your home and apartment communty and maintaining and inspecting fire extinguishers.  For more information visit the NLAA facebook page for website to assist you.  Anyone interested in contacting Dusty to schedule an educational prevention class can contact the Ouachita Parish Fire Department at 318-343-1122


December 2016 Vendor Trade show and Christmas Party

The night was a great success!  Thank you to everyone for their hard work and help.  A special thank you to all our vendors for their amazing support throughout the year.



November Member Meeting with Judge Jim Norris



December 2015 Tradeshow


September 2014 Meeting Highlights

Carol with Apartment Finder gave two seminars one Fair Housing, and the other was Fishing for Success. Great turnout and great food. We had a great turnout of our maintenance guys as well.


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